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Changes in Mrs. Nguyen's Care

What Matters:

My husband and I were able to share What Matters most to us with the nurses. I let them know that I hated to stay in bed all day. I appreciated their concern for me falling, but I wasn’t concerned that I was going to fall. Together, we came up with a care plan that prioritized What Matters most to me.


I began working with physical therapy doing strength-building and balance exercises. It felt good to be physically active and it also helped my mood. The nurses walked with me in the hallways a couple of times every day and in the evening, which was especially nice because my husband and I would usually walk after dinner.


They tapered me off the medicine they had given me at night and as a result, my mind felt clearer and I was steadier on my feet.


Most of my confusion had gotten better by the time I left the hospital, but the nurses taught us about delirium and gave us resources to follow up with at home. I hated to see my husband worried about me, so I agreed to see my doctor about my memory once I was back to my regular self. The hospital social worker gave us information about our local Area Agency on Aging and my husband has already been in contact with them.

What a difference it made being asked What Mattered most to us!

Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen standing together.