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New Information

Nurse putting in Mrs. Nguyen's hearing aid.

By asking questions about What Mattered to me and my husband, I felt like that nurse really cared about us. She sat with us and really listened. I told her that I was upset about being in the hospital and was frustrated that every time I tried to get out of bed the alarm mat went off and someone would come rushing into my room and put me back in bed.

When I was asked about what makes me happy, I explained that I was used to walking three miles every day with my husband, and I didn’t want to stay in bed all day.

Mrs. Nguyen with nurse.

When I was asked what makes me feel calm, I thought about my love of classical music and my cat, who I was worried about and missing terribly.

This last part was eye-opening. The nurse asked my husband about what concerned him most, and he mentioned that I had been misplacing things at home, but that he was afraid to say anything to me or my regular doctor. No one had ever asked to check my memory, and hearing my husband talk like that made me realize that I needed to do something about this.