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Jenny Knecht-Fredo

“As a nurse practitioner and granddaughter, I see first-hand that the needs of older adults are often much different than the general population. Joining the Age-Friendly Care movement was important to me to help spread the word and encourage all healthcare professionals to use the What Matters element of care, in order to help people live their life in the way that is best for them, and thus, better meet their needs. I am passionate about improving care for older adults by connecting, engaging and simultaneously focusing on the 4M evidence-based elements of care when caring for all older adults and cannot wait to see the difference this movement makes in all healthcare systems across the United States.”

Jenny Knecht-Fredo, MSN, CRNP, earned a dual master’s degree in Family Nurse Practitioner Studies and Nursing Education from The Pennsylvania State University. Jenny has extensive experience in geriatrics, endocrinology, hospice, wellness health evaluations, and clinical instruction. Jenny is passionate about patient empowerment and clinical policy development to improve geriatric health outcomes. She serves as the clinical liaison between Penn State College of Nursing and the Primary Health Network (PHN). Jenny has been instrumental in developing the collaborative relationship between Penn State and PHN.

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  • Ph.D., Nursing, Penn State University (in progress)
  • M.S.N., Family Nurse Practitioner Studies & Nursing Education, Penn State University
  • B.S.N., Penn State University
  • B.S., Bio-Behavioral Health, Penn State University
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