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Age-related changes put older adults at higher risk for experiencing side effects from their Medications. Taking too many medications, especially ones that are unnecessary or harmful, increases their risk.

It is important for older adults and their care partners to engage in regular conversations with their health care team about their medications. Some questions to ask and consider during these conversations include:

  • What medications are they taking? Why? How?
  • Are there any medications prescribed that are unnecessary?
  • Are there any harmful side effects to be aware of?

This video discusses:

  • Polypharmacy (receiving too many medications)
  • Identifying potentially harmful medications and ways to approach deprescribing
  • Using the 4Ms framework to deliver medications in a safe and effective way

Every effort should be made to deprescribe any unnecessary or harmful medications!

You can approach difficult conversations about deprescribing by connecting medications with What Matters to the older adult.