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Your Health Goals and Care Preferences

Sharing your health goals and care preferences with the healthcare team allows the focus to be on your priorities and What Matters most to you.

Grandmother with arm around granddaughter, outdoors.

Health Goals:

Health goals are about your values and the activities that matter most to you. These are the meaningful pieces of your life that energize and motivate you toward making healthy choices to maintain or improve your health.

For example:

    • I want to be able to continue to participate in Zumba each week
    • I would like to be able to continue to watch my grandchildren one day a week

Care Preferences:

Care preferences are health care activities like treatments, medications, exams, and tests that you are willing to do or receive.

For example:

  • I choose not to undergo a colonoscopy because of the discomfort related to preparation beforehand
  • I only want to receive tests that can be done in my home or my doctor’s office
  • I am not willing to be put on a medication that could affect my memory, even if it could help with my other symptoms