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Talk about What Matters

Each time you meet a new healthcare provider, make it a priority to tell them What Matters most to you. Revisit What Matters during annual wellness visits and whenever there’s a change in your daily health.

Doctor and patient discussing What Matters.

Life Changes

Your healthcare team can care best for you when they understand your lifestyle. Be as candid as possible and let them know about larger changes in life too, such as a move or change in your living arrangements, or when you experience the death of someone near to your heart.

Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

If you have had Medicare Part B for longer than 12 months, you may qualify for a free annual wellness visit where you and your care provider will develop or update your personalized health prevention plan. The annual wellness visit is a perfect time to discuss the 4Ms of Age-Friendly Care.

Prevention is better than cure. Contact your healthcare provider soon to schedule your annual wellness visit.

Visit to learn more about yearly wellness visits.