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Questions to Ask Yourself

It can be helpful to ask yourself a few of the following questions to prepare to talk about What Matters:

  • What brings me joy? What makes me happy? What makes life worth living?
  • What are some goals I hope to achieve in the next six months or before my next birthday?
  • What is important to me today?
  • What would make tomorrow a really great day for me?
  • What is one thing about my healthcare I most want to focus on so that I can [fill in desired activity] more often or easily?
  • What are my biggest concerns about my health in the future? If my health worsens, what are the most important parts of my life I want to focus on?
  • What things about my healthcare are not helping me or I find too bothersome or difficult?
  • Who do I trust to bring into this conversation with me?
Woman sitting in a recliner near a window, smiling.