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Share Specific Goals

When talking with your healthcare team about your healthcare goals, give specific examples of what you want to be able to continue to do.

Grandfather kneeling on the grass playing with two grandchildren, outside near a swing set.

Broad Goal:

"Seeing my grandchildren every week is important to me."

Specific Goal:

"I want to continue to be able to get up and down from the floor without assistance so I can play with my grandchildren on their level."

Here are a few more examples of specific goals:

  • Reduce back pain enough to perform morning activities without medications that cause drowsiness
  • Live in my own home until I need help from someone at night
  • Get my appetite back and be able to eat foods I like
  • Walk 2 blocks without shortness of breath
  • See my grandson graduate from high school in 5 years
  • Be as free from anxiety or uncertainty about cancer recurrence as possible
  • Work 3 more years
  • Pick up my granddaughter from school
  • Volunteer once a month to cook meals at my church