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A little preparation can go a long way in making your next telehealth visit a success. Our short video offers tips to help you prepare and get the most out of your telehealth visit.

Things have changed a lot recently and we’re glad you’ve taken steps to keep your visits going with your healthcare provider. Moving to this new way of having a medical appointment may take some time to get used to. But a telehealth visit, either a phone or video appointment, is the best way to promote social distancing and limit physical contact to reduce the risk of spreading illness.

Our immune systems change as we age, making it harder to fight off diseases and infection. Older adults are twice as likely to have serious complications from viral illnesses such as the flu, COVID-19, and others, so it’s important to stay as healthy and active as possible. A telehealth visit reduces risk of exposure by limiting your travel and avoiding sitting in high-volume traffic areas like medical buildings and waiting rooms. Though you may miss seeing your provider in person, you can still see each other on video, while having confidence that everyone is safe.

One of the best ways to be successful with your telehealth visit is to be sure the technology is set up well. Your care provider is going to want to see you from a head and shoulders position, so be sure to set your camera up to allow for that view. Your provider may ask you to move around but it’s important that your camera stays still, so be sure your device is on a steady and stable surface. If you’re using a wireless device like a phone, iPad, or laptop, be sure the device is fully charged.

In thinking about your own comfort, be sure you have your glasses or hearing aids on or within reach, in case you need them. Also, make sure to have your medication bottles with you, including supplements and vitamins, or a list of your medications. If you’ve taken any recent measures, like your blood pressure, blood sugar, or weight, be sure to have those numbers handy in case your healthcare provider asks for them. Last and most importantly, write down a list of questions or concerns and check them off as you go.

Being prepared for you visit will help make it easier for you and your medical provider to cover everything you need and want to talk about. We wish you all the best preparing for your telehealth visit and with staying healthy while staying safe.